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SETTING THE SCENE. My interest in the Faroe Islands is long standing and dates back to the 1970s although it was not until 1992 that I first visited there. The transport systems of island communities have a particular fascination for many, myself included. Subsequent visits took me back to the Faroes in 1998, 2004 and 2009, and the changes noted over the years were significant. Although it is now more than ten years since my last trip good friends like Jens-Pauli Nolsoe, Jens Tummas Naess and Renno Hokwerda keep me updated.

Bussleišin  -  the red town buses of the capital city Tórshavn


Bygdaleišir  -  the blue country bus network of the Faroe Islands, linking with the ferries


        All change!  - Faroe Islands transport update since 2004 - Bussleišin and Bygdaleišir


        North with Atlantic – a busman's holiday in Faroe in 1998  


Buses and Bridges - a note on Faroese transport history, old and new

        Faroes update 2009 to 2014 - back to the Faroe Islands again for my fourth visit

        2017 - 2021 update from Malc McDonald and Renno Hokwerda

Klaksvik Bussleišin - new in August 2014, town buses started in the second city of the Faroes
                                              - with information also about Eysturleišin and Sunda Bussleišin

Post boats of the Faroe Islands - the history of the inter-island boats and mail - by David Quayle

          Post days in the Faroe Islands as in summer 1934 - the mail story continued

                   Postscript to the two articles above by David Quayle

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Strandferšslan Celebrates 100th Birthday 2017

In May 2017 100 years had passed since the government bought the first ship named Smiril from the Mortensen family. This was the start of Strandferšslan - or Strandfaraskip Landsins as we know it today. Celebrations were held in Drelnes on 19th May 2017 attended by the transport minister.

Strandfaraskip Landsins (SSL) is the nationally owned transport company of the Faroes. The main objective for SSL is providing transport to all corners of the Faroe Islands.  SSL runs six ferries named Smyril, Teistin, Sam, Ritan, Sildberin and Ternan. All the ships are named after birds, and only Smyril, Teistin, Sam and Ternan are car ferries. The other three are passenger ferries.  SSL also runs various bus routes which are all privately operated by several different Faroese bus companies.
SSL 100 years

faroese flag A collection of eighteen islands halfway between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroes combine landscape and seascape with towering cliffs, steep headlands, lush valleys and the ever present restless sea. From the welcoming capital Tórshavn with its bustling harbour through dramatic landscapes dotted with both turfed roof houses and many flocks of sheep the islands have grown in popularity and are easy to access through an increasing number of flight sectors flown by Atlantic Airways, the Faroese national airline.  Come and visit, you won't regret it! faroese flag

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