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The Better Way Bus Service was operated by Thomas Bett - in the first timetable (thought to be the earlier) his address is given as Vine Street in Billingborough, Lincolnshire. In the second timetable the address is shown as Cheyney Street in Boston. His route started at Bond Street in Boston and terminated in Star Lane at Stamford, passing on the way through Donington, Horbling, Billingborough, Folkingham, Kirkby Underwood, Bourne and Essendine. The road from Donington to Horbling is an empty stretch with few chimney pots! Presumably the most prosperous section was Bourne to Stamford which had the higher number of journeys. There were two through journeys each way seven days a week and several short workings at each end of the route (see timetable illustrations below).  The second timetable illustrated below shows the addition of Wednesday and Saturday short journeys between Boston and Bicker Fen.

Whilst the start date of the service is not known (but predating road service licensing in 1931) in January 1937 the Better Way business was jointly purchased by Lincolnshire Road Car and The Delaine of Bourne. The Boston to Bourne section passing to Road Car and the Bourne to Stamford section to Delaine. This enabled Delaine to operate directly from Bourne to Stamford via Essendine; previously they had operated via Greatford.

A L Baker's history of Delaine (published in 1983) also informs us that Bett had operated a Chevrolet 14-seater, Star and BAT 20-seaters and a Crossley 32-seater.  By 1934 an Albion 32-seater coach BV3506 had joined Bett's fleet; this vehicle passed to Delaine where it worked until 1951. Subsequently it passed to Astons Coaches of Marton near Rugby where it operated until October 1953. There is a picture of it here in Delaine days.

Timetable for The Better Way Bus Service
(two buses required to operate this level of service)

timetable Boston to Stamford
timetable Stamford to Boston

The timetable above shows four short-working journeys from Bourne to Stamford at 8.00am (not Sundays), 10.15am, 3.15pm, 5.30pm, 10.30pm (Saturdays only), plus two through journeys passing Bourne at 12.15pm and 8.30pm.
Departures from Boston at 10.00am and 6.30pm through to Stamford, with short-working journeys to Billingborough at 3.10pm and 9.30pm (10.30pm on Saturdays).

In the other direction through departures leave Stamford at 11.30am and 6.15pm, with short-workings to Bourne at 9.00am (not Sundays), 1.15pm, 4.15pm, 9.15pm (not Saturdays),  9.45pm (Saturdays only), 11.15pm (Saturdays only).
From Billingborough to Boston departures at 8.15am and 4.50pm with the two through runs passing at 1.15pm and 7.50pm.

Two vehicles seem to have been sufficient to cover the workings, one based in Bourne and one in Billingborough.

A second timetable for the Better Way Bus service
(the short jourmeys to Bicker Fen needing a third vehicle on Wednesdays and Saturdays)

timetable from Boston
timetable to Boston
timetable cover

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