This is the inside front cover which includes an index giving a list of all of the various services and timetables included in the booklet. Some services are not included in this list, eg (i) W Otton & Son of Cranborne, Dorset, who came from that village on Tuesday market day until late 1952; (ii) A H Razey of Thruxton who came from Grately, Quarley and Cholderton until autumn 1959; (iii) Moore Bros of Lockerley, who came from there by way of Tytherley, West Dean and West Grimstead until 1st October 1951, when their routes were taken over by Budden of West Tytherley and incorporated into their existing services to Salisbury; (iv) Mrs M Lee of Winterbourne Gunner, who operated from East Gomeldon to Salisbury, and was taken over by Silver Star during 1949. One can but wonder why they were not included in this book!




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