Motor Buses and Carriers from Dorchester


Early Motor Buses around Salisbury

My friend and colleague Roger Grimley has published many booklet histories about West Country operators.  These include this series about the county of Dorset.

Another series of books from Roger describes the early motor buses which served both Salisbury Plain and the five river valleys that radiate from the cathedral city.

There are four Dorset books:

Part One - Piddle Valley, Hazelbury Bryan, Bulbarrow and the Blandford Road

Part Two - The Poole and Wareham Roads

Part Three - The Yeovil Road and Sydling St Nicholas 

Part Four - The Cerne Valley and The Bridport Road.

This is a series of several parts, two have been published so far:

                    Part one - the Upper Avon Valley

                    Part two - the Nadder Valley
Another work of interest will be Motor Bus Services from Salisbury before 1939.  This was a precursor to the Chalk in the Radiator series.

All aboard the Skylark tells of early public transport south of Salisbury.

Roger Grimley has published many booklet histories about West Country operators.   If you would like to contact Roger to enquire about copies and obtain his catalogue of other (mainly Devon and Cornwall) operator histories, please use this e-mail link.


Local transport needs were met principally by country carriers.  In Dorchester on market days, carriers from many parts of the county gathered.  They made their way down rough roads and tracks early each market morning.  During the day the vans lined the streets and crowded the inn yards then, in the fading light of late afternoon and early  evening they slowly made their way back to the villages and farms.           Roger Grimley


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